Native American Legends

As much a part of American History are the Native American legends and creation stories that are highlighted on this site.

Sequoyah of the Cherokee developed an alphabet for his people so that the written word could become part of his people's legacy, but beyond that much of what is known by Indians and about Indians has passed from mouth to mouth - generation to generation. Native American stories that originated in the lodges and camp fires of days long gone still are told today, and without that effort, the past would be lost. In recent times many have made an effort to record the voices of the fires, so that in the event there is no one left to listen, the stories of a simple, sincere and gravely thoughtful people living as part, and in and harmony with, the great world around them would not be lost forever.

Reading these American Indian legends here will allow you to consider the simplest of things, and perhaps fathom their meaning and learn the lessons they offer.  You will see that this collection of stories is filled with many different kinds of creation stories, from how the universe was created to how man himself came to be or how different animals and even plants, like corn, were created.  The American Indian imagination glowed with unique imagery and complexity.

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1 Abenaki Indian Corn Legend
2 American Indian Creation Stories
3 Apache Indian Creation Legend
4 Bridal Veil Falls
5 Coyote Spills the Stars
6 First to Know Maize
7 How Coyote Stole Fire
8 How Fire Was Created
9 How Rabbit & Owl Were Created
10 How the Buffalo Hunt Began
11 How the Fly Saved the River
12 How the Old Man Made People
13 Legend of the Storm Bird
14 Omaha Indian Corn Legend
15 Origin of Earth
16 Origin of Strawberries
17 Origins of Buffalo Dance
18 Sacred Medicine Water
19 Story of the Rabbits
20 Sun Dance Wheel
21 Veeho Learns a Lesson From Sun
22 Why The North Star Stands Still

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